Self-love and spirituality are connected because they both involve taking care of your inner self and finding a sense of peace and happiness within.

Self-love in a spiritual context means showing love, compassion, and acceptance towards yourself as a spiritual being. It involves recognizing your worth and embracing your unique qualities. When you practice self-love, you are acknowledging that you are connected to something greater than yourself, whether it's the universe, nature, or a higher power.

Spirituality often involves seeking a deeper understanding of life's meaning and purpose. When you love yourself, you are nurturing your spirit and allowing it to grow. You may engage in practices such as meditation, prayer, or mindfulness to connect with your inner self and cultivate self-love.

Ultimately, self-love and spirituality go hand in hand as they both guide you towards a greater sense of peace, fulfillment, and harmony with yourself and the world around you.

A few of my self-love and spiritual practices include: rest rituals, bougie lunch dates, grown and sexy time, making offerings to my water spirits on the river, taking spiritual baths, and engaging with my Ilè (spiritual house). I hope you begin your own self-love practices after reading this.

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