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Good Kewchie

Good Kewchie

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Envision the Good Kewchie Candle as a beacon of warmth and luxury. Its flame ignites a journey through a garden of olfactory delights:

Top Notes: The candle begins with a vivacious burst of pink prosecco, its bubbles rising to meet the day, paired with the sparkling quince, a fruit known for its sweet, alluring scent.

Middle Notes: As the flame steadies, the heart of the candle reveals itself through crystal peonies, their transparent petals symbolizing elegance and grace. The frangipani joins in, adding its exotic, intoxicating aroma to the mix.

Bottom Notes: In the candle’s final glow, the gilded amber provides a warm, resinous base, enriched by the exotic musk, which imparts a sensual, long-lasting finish.

This candle is more than just a source of light; it’s an aromatic narrative that transforms any space into a sanctuary of scented splendor.

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