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Put It On The Altar

Put It On The Altar

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The Put It On The Altar Candle is an aromatic homage to our ancestors and spirit guides in divine contemplation. Here’s a description that captures its essence:

Top Notes: The candle’s journey begins with the zesty clarity of bergamot, its citrusy brightness reminiscent of the first light of dawn, paired with the crisp green of citron leaves, setting a refreshing and purifying tone.

Middle Notes: As the flame burns steadier, it unveils a heart of Italian suede, rich and textural, evoking the serene luxury of a well-crafted altar. The patchouli adds depth with its earthy, herbaceous character, while the moss rose contributes a subtle floral whisper, symbolizing the sacred bloom of spirituality.

Bottom Notes: In the soft glow of the candle’s final hours, the base notes emerge. Washed wood offers a foundation of stability and strength, reminiscent of ancient pews and altars, while cashmere musk envelops the senses in a soft, comforting embrace, leaving a lasting impression of warmth and peace.

This candle is designed to be a sensory retreat, an invitation to lay down one’s burdens and find a moment of rest in the midst of life’s chaos.

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